MICROCASSETTOR VOLUME TWO (CDR compilation by Pocketsound)

Vital Weekly:

Second Volume in a collection of sounds captured on microcasettes, which are usually found in answering machines or small recorders used to record interviews. Volume one was reviewed in Vital weekly 343. Spoken word, punk bands, weirdness while ordering food and home recorded oddities is what one gets here. Highlights are for me the more weird tracks, such as by My Brother The Cyclops, Newton, Minga, New Dawn Rising, Teen Wolf, Supression and The Un-Ones, sho all sound like captured inside an asylum, on the phone, spitting out their weirdness. The overall quality of the music is of course not great, but what else can one expect from the recording quality that is not ment to record high quality music. The CDR comes packed in a quarter-sized, hand-etched vinyl - so I guess all the formats are enclosed here (vinyl, CDR and tape). (FdW)

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