Dear Sir/Ma'am.
Sorry for worrying with this letter. I am the second and surviving son of Mr. Akoh Banda who was killed by Charles Taylor; the immeidate past President of my country Liberia, presently exiled in Calabar Nigeria.
My father, was one of the Security chiefs in his government, but to refused to purchase arms from the world black market to arm rebels in the West African sub-region, but moved and kept the funds realized from the sales of Diamond to a security firm abroad. He was killed by the President Taylors's Presidential Killer Squad in a staged accident.
Presently, this sum of $45million dollars is being held by a firm abroad. We flee Liberia after his death and that of my elder brother. Presently, we live in Nigeria with the help of my father's Nigerian Soldier friend that worked with ECOMOG(West African Peace Keeping Force as then Called). Now we host MUSPACE page. Based on the terms of deposit, we want you as a foreigner to help us claim the funds taking 10% of the total funds for your assistance, 5% for my family to enable us settle down and live well in any part of the world we may choose, while the rest(85%) will be used to set up foundation in the Mano River region of West Africa to cater for the poor masses displaced by wars and strifes caused by our greedy leaders.
This way we will be returning the funds to the rightful owners: the people of the region whose wealth is looted by corrupt leaders daily. Turning the funds over to any government will be giving the funds away to same group of crooked leaders. You in Amerika must understand these.
Thanks and God bless you and home. I have had to drop from the University and make the music due to this development and look forward to going back to complete my law study. I await your favorable response to this letter so that  i supply you with all legal paperwork transfer ownership of the funds to you to allow you claim the funds from abroad.
Kind regards,
Mr Ebube  Banda.

           MUGU GUYMeN


                            I Dey Here

                                 URGENT REPLY


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