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releases are mostly CD-R format.

get over it


1998: When moving into the apartment now known as the noise-venue "Rat-Ward" (named after our phone number) which is next door to Anti-Everything Noise (AEN) (aka gary aka a sonic deterrent), i inherited a bunch of Lp's and Lp jackets from the previous tenant, a crack selling hari krishna. yep. This batch became the packaging for "Microcassettor" volume one, a compilation of microcassette recorded noise & nonsense. (co-released thru AEN)
This idea brewed for years before realization... i'd been collecting and recording things on microcassette for more than 10 years. I'd also been into "publishing" and design with xerox for just as long. (see 'Zero Points Bulletin') also of course i hate corporate commercial schlop. the noise avenue is a free avenue.


i focus on re-use & recycle. items used thus far include old Lp jackets, old Lp's, old DVD shells, cassette tape, found cd jewel cases, free 8-track tapes, cloth, stuffing, foam. Printing is done via screenprint or computer printer. Disc's themselves are color printed, by me, directly onto cd surface, no peeling up labels. All cuts, staples, stamps, folds, etc are hand done. they say time is money, and then you say "your mom"


Multi-tasking with compilation series is the favorite of SFTP.

 "Microcassettor" is collection of all kindsa noises that were originally recorded on microcassette format. link

 "Found Sound" is collection of found audio... sometimes it appears in original form, sometimes edited, looped, processed, etc. the only rule is no sound source can be self made. isn't there enough sound in the world already? link

 "Quiet Noise" is a collection of low volume sleep over noise. the first volume is housed in a handmade pillow to enhance your nap.

 "Kitchen Noise" thats it, noise made in your kitchen, recorded via any means necessary, hopefully with common kitchen items. very few submissions for this so far.

 "Mein Field" is a fresh project involving field recordings created with MD recorders.

 "Commercials" yes. more than most things existing, i hate advertising the most. that making your own commercials is counteracting the normal commercial world is debatable, but nevertheless i do accept audio (and visual; print or moving) commercials to be featured between tracks on compilations. it's free for you and will be used at my discretion.

 "as well as" releases by individual artists and groups

 "submissions" link


Sounds heard in this web site are mostly 40kbs mono mp3. which is hearing well below poverty level. This web site is sometimes created and monitored via dial-up.


Seriousness does not have to be taken seriously around here at SFTP HeadQuarters. Seriously, you dont have to take yourself so seriously. neither do i. oh, i was wrong about the lack of dismemberment on SFTP packages. PS/9 features armless Brian from Drums Like Machine Guns.


So yeah. be creative, record something special for sftp. make a commercial. maybe you could use a delay pedal, screaming "death!! bodies!! tourture!!" and then give out your website address. maybe you could put your hand in a blender and send the recording for "Kitchen Noise" compilation. then jump off a very very tall building while holding in your remaining hand a recording microcassette recorder. leave a note in your pocket asking for the tape to be mailed to me. and make sure they use bubble wrap around that tape. the sharp edges easily cut thru paper envelopes, creating holes for it to slip out of. just ask Unlearny Andy about that one.


i collect found photos. i collect found home movies. i like vinyl records, mostly 12" variety. i am the guy behind freedumb fest, 3 years and running. i work in a kitchen, to pay the rent, as little as possible. i am the driver for acid mothers temple when they tour the usa. yep.

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