Autio-Ethik 1995-???: j waters solo experimentation using tapes, records, casio sk-1 & 5, synare drum, sur master, headrush, delay, field recording, voice changer, short wave, springs, contact mics, pick-ups, speakers, headphones, MG-1, circuit bent toys, refridgerator racks and such, guitar, bass, sp 202, jam man, radio, microcassette player, reel to reel, cetra.... Discography? a double cassette (1999 AEN), "christian fiction" cdr (2001 AEN)...self released "handicapped: library of congress" cdr (2001), tracks on some noise compilations like "difficult music for difficult people volume 1" (RRs.R), "splurge" tape (1998 AEN), "all kindsa noise" tape (1999 AEN), "noise conglomerate volume 1" (1999 AEN), "international association of sound" (amendment records), "ibol" noise mag disc #? (ibol records), split 7" w/ vita verbum lux (1999 AEN) "noise conglomerate volume 3" (2000 AEN), bad pheng shui & autio-ethik split "jitterbug tin can" (ONE TOUCH/MONOPOLKA 2004) ... Collaborative projects include bunnieslope, over door head traction ensemble, no-fi, a sonic deterrent, ikimasho!, netenyahoo, new-fi, anus grin, worms union, president nader, lead pipe, cash slave clique, wtc, mugu guymen, now solo as dubb normal.

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